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Inform and inspire at work


So many messages to put across. Yet every time you need to talk to your people you have to pause production, or catch them on a break or at shift end – when they’re least likely to be listening. Electronic display signs from Scanlite give you a more effective way to communicate.

With electronic displays you can get your production, KPI or safety messages across simply and effectively without interrupting production. And because your LED electronic display can keep running your messages, you know what you said will be received and understood.

LED electronic displays – show your commitment to safety

Keeping your people safe, and ensuring you’re complying with the latest safety legislation, is easier with LED display screens. Easy to update, and guaranteed to create impact, you can give your people the messages they need to stay safe – and ensure you meet your requirement to keep all your people informed of changes.

Electronic displays that boost production

When you get messages to your people quicker, they can respond to change more effectively. LCD and LED electronic displays can tell your people where to concentrate their focus next. They can let them know which production line to switch to. When the unexpected happens LED display screens can tell your people what to do next.

That means production doesn’t have to stop because of a lack of information. On a large site, LED electronic displays are an ideal way to transmit an urgent message quickly.

From simple bi-line models to full colour graphic displays, LCD and LED electronic displays can help your business communicate better. 
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