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LED Electronic Financial Ticker Tape Displays


Show your strength in numbers

If you don’t have access to the latest figures you can’t make effective decisions. Scanlite electronic ticker displays ensure the latest financial information is always visible.

LED display screens make perfect sense for the financial sector. Use them to display exchange rates, international stock and bond markets and commodity prices – all the information you need to help you trade and invest effectively. Electronic ticker displays can give your people a world of information in a constantly updated stream.

The financial information you need – on LED tickers

Scanlite is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of bespoke electronic LED ticker displays. We’ve given newsrooms and financial institutions access to rolling financial information in a range of innovative, artistic formats. No longer does LED ticker information need to scroll horizontally across a screen. Now it can be as winding, twisting and imaginative as your space allows.

Bring your financial information to life with LED display screens from Scanlite. Contact us to discuss your electronic ticker display project.

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Scanlite. Leaders in LED electronic ticker displays.

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