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    Health & Safety Display Board
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  • Health & Safety Display Board
    Health & Safety Display Board

Health & Safety

LED Display Signs & Screens For Health & Safety


Can display screens keep your people safe?

A lost time accident (LTA) affects more than the person unfortunate enough to suffer the accident. It can affect a business and its reputation. It can hurt morale. And it can call into question whether your business is meeting its requirements under health and safety legislation. LED display boards can help you meet your obligations, and protect your people.

Health and safety legislation changes and evolves over time. Keeping your people aware of the changes, and of their responsibilities towards each other, can be a difficult, time-consuming process. LED displays signs can help.

Make LED display boards a part of the furniture

In production areas, canteens and staffrooms, install an LED display board and you can keep a constant stream of information flowing to your people. Because it’s a constant supply it’s far more likely your people will see it, read it and retain the information. For shorter messages, this makes LED display signs a far more effective method of briefing your staff than the ‘one hit’ verbal or written staff brief.

And because LED display screens are easily reprogrammable, you can change and update the information whenever you need.

LED display signs – safer for business

Accident stats, time since an LTA, latest legislation, staff responsibilities and more. Keep your people safe and clearly show the efforts your business is taking to meet health and safety legislation.

From a simple bi-line model to full motion video, talk to Scanlite now about using LED display screens to make your business safer.

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