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    Platinum LCD Touch Screens

Business Link

LCD touch screens - information at your fingertips

Information provided through LCD touch screen displays can be modified, updated and kept relevant far more easily than paper-based brochures and leaflets. That’s why, when it came to keeping its customers informed, Business Link chose LCD touch screen displays from Scanlite.

Business Link provides jobs, careers and business advice to workers across the UK. People rely on its information, which means its information has to be immediate, accurate and up-to-date.

With LCD displays from Scanlite Business Link can update its terminals with the latest live data as often as it needs, so the information stays current. And the LCD touch screen technology means that using it is simple, quick and intuitive.

Touch screen displays - power points

For any LCD touch screen display to be effective it must be imposing enough to be noticed and sufficiently robust to withstand the most heavy handed of users.

The LCD displays Scanlite created for Business Link are 2m tall, 67cm wide and branded with the organisation’s logo - so they make a powerful, imposing presence within reception areas.

And being housed in a robust aluminium and chrome frame, the resilient 19” LCD touch screen will stay shining bright and working effectively for user after user after user.

Do more with your LCD touch screen displays

From single line LED displays to LED video display boards, time and temperature displays to bespoke LED displays, if you’d like your organisation to benefit from Scanlite’s LED displays call +44 (0)1253 302 723 or complete our enquiry form.

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