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LED display boards: the power to impress

Ringways Motor Group prides itself on the way it connects with its customers. It has even coined its own term ‘The Ringways Way’ for its approach to customer care and communication. For its latest way to communicate powerfully with its customers, Ringways chose Scanlite.

LED digital displays that help you connect

LED retail signs have always been a hugely powerful and effective way to connect with your customers. So it follows that when you choose a better LED retail sign you connect even more effectively.

Ringways commissioned Scanlite to create a large, full colour video display 2.8m wide and 1.9m high. With over 63,000 LED’s and a 6500mcd brightness, the digital display is a fabulously clear, crisp way of grabbing the attention.

Placed in the showroom window the LED display board helps Ringways connect with passers-by and promotes ‘The Ringways Way’ far beyond the walls of the showroom.

In addition, 2 in-showroom LCD Platinum Displays show product videos that bring energy and dynamism to the cars they promote. They also announce the latest offers and information, meaning the business keeps communicating with its customers, even when its sales team is fully occupied.

How could LED digital displays benefit your business?

LED display boards have the power to involve, impress and connect with your customers like no other media. Call us now on +44 (0)1253 302 723 to discuss your project or complete our enquiry form.

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