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How do you make a superhero more super? With an LED display screen

Madame Tussauds has spent over 200 years bringing the famous to life in wax. For its celebration of Marvel superheroes it brought the characters to life on screen too. The LED display screens it chose were by Scanlite.

When Madame Tussauds in London unveiled its Hall of Heroes it wanted to make the exhibit truly interactive. From Iron Man to Hulk to Wolverine, the exhibition went beyond wax, using blue graphic LED digital displays to add depth to the experience. The screens were also put to practical use, passing on customer information and directing visitors towards the 4D cinema.

Bringing wax to life with LED digital display screens

“LED graphic display screens grab the attention of the whole family – but especially children,” says Scanlite Sales & Marketing Manager, Adam Carter. “Adding LED display screen technology to your attraction, be it a theme park, aquarium, museum, zoo - or Madame Tussauds - helps you make the experience interactive. It involves your visitors in a way that traditional media can’t match.”

Once the screens have been created the potential to develop and change what they show is infinite – giving every attraction the chance to use digital displays to evolve their experience.

“LED display screens add value to what you do,” says Adam, “and when visitors enjoy an experience and see how it is continually improving they’ll visit again.”

Bring bespoke LED digital displays to your attraction

Scanlite designs and manufactures bespoke LED display signs. That means there’s no limit to the way in which digital displays can add value to, and work in harmony with, your attraction.

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