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    Manchester City FC

Manchester City FC

Scanlite provides electronic scoreboards to Manchester City

Mesmerising on the pitch; mesmerising off it. Manchester City uses Scanlite outdoor LED displays to add to the match day experience.

Time was when football scoreboards gave the score and nothing else. Even in the age of electronic scoreboards, the technology hasn’t always been used to its fullest. Until now.

Manchester City wanted its football scoreboards to do more and asked Scanlite to create LED electronic scoreboards that would entertain, inform and advertise.

Outdoor LED displays - know the score

Scanlite provided two large (6m x 10m) full colour LED displays, situated in corners to give clear views of scores, highlights and video footage from around the stadium.

Around the pitch Scanlite provided 16mm pixel pitch, surface mounted devices (SMDs), running continuous video footage from sponsors.

At entrances Scanlite installed 10mm SMDs giving fans, VIP and car park areas key safety announcements, updates and information.

Football scoreboards with power

“I think it’s the fact you can reach so many people so immediately that makes the LED displays such a natural choice for football stadia,” says Scanlite Sales and Marketing Manager, Adam Carter. “At the City of Manchester Stadium we’ve been delighted to help the club and its sponsors reach around 48,500 fans every game. Powerful technology like our football scoreboards and LED displays make for a particularly powerful message.”

From single line LED displays to LED video display boards, time and temperature displays to bespoke LED displays, if you’d like your organisation to benefit from Scanlite’s LED displays call +44 (0)1253 302 723 or complete our enquiry form.

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