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LED retails signs? Man Utd and Scanlite – the perfect match

When your store is 17,000 square feet in size and welcomes 1.2 million visitors a year, you need to announce your presence in a powerful way. Manchester United Megastore turned to Scanlite to bring the latest LED retail sign technology to the Red Devils.

On match days Manchester United’s Old Trafford stadium welcomes upwards of 76,000 fans. An average of 20,000 of them will find their way to the Megastore, which sells an enormous range of Manchester United kits, merchandise and memorabilia.

Digital displays that promote your brand

Megastore’s 11m x 260mm ultra-bright RED display sits above the entrance proudly displaying and enhancing the club brand and captivating customers with its full motion video technology.

“The ultra-bright LED retail sign creates a display of real power,” says Scanlite Sales & Marketing Manager, Adam Carter, “so even when the weather’s at its worst, Megastore can be confident it will make its presence known. It’s proved a powerful way of attracting attention – and business.”

Keeping in touch through LED digital displays

Loyalty plays a huge part in any football brand. Manchester United Megastore recognises this and uses its LED shop sign to pass on the latest news and offers to fans.

“It makes the LED digital display screen something fans have to look at,” says Adam. “One of the toughest things to do in retail is to get customers to look your way. A full video LED retail sign can make that connection and helps improve footfall.”

Bring Manchester United Megastore’s success with LED retail signs to your business. Call us now on +44 (0)1253 302 723 to discuss your project or complete our enquiry form.

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