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    McLaren Showroom Manchester

McLaren Showroom Manchester

Exceptional LED digital displays for exceptional products

When your showroom is state of the art and contains a sports car as stunning as the MP4-12C, it takes a similarly impressive LED digital display sign to grab the attention.

Question: What do you do when what you sell is so impressive that traditional media simply can’t do it justice?

Answer: You bring the latest technology to the way you advertise your product.

That’s what McLaren did at the unveiling of their brand new Manchester showroom in Knutsford, Cheshire. And to complement the fine lines of the cars and the showroom around them, McLaren asked Scanlite to install an LED display screen that was, in its own way, every bit as eye-popping.

LED display signs – the added dimension

"I believe it's about matching a product to its ideal advertising medium," says Scanlite Sales & Marketing Manager, Adam Carter. "For a prestige product - and products don't come much more prestige than the McLaren MP4-12C - it's about finding a medium that stands half a chance of enhancing the appeal of something that is already massively appealing."

“LED display screens allow McLaren to do the one thing their showroom can’t: display the car performing at its best. A full motion video on our finest LED digital display sign helps bring movement and dynamism to the showroom. It’s a powerful tool.”

Bring bespoke LED digital displays to your business

Scanlite designs and manufactures its LED display signs from scratch. That means there’s no limit to the way in which its digital displays can add value to your business.

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