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  • Melville Hotel's LED Screen
    Melville Hotel's LED Screen

Melville Hotel LED Screen

Full colour LED screens help build your business

Grabbing the attention is something Blackpool is rather good at. So when it came to creating digital LED screens that could stand out in a town famed for illumination, the Melville Hotel turned to Scanlite.

The only way the Melville Hotel could be any closer to the heart of Blackpool would be by relocating to the foot of the famous Tower. Yet its prime location brings ferocious competition. Throw a stick of rock in almost any direction and you’ll likely hit a dozen hotels equally as eager to attract some of Blackpool’s 12 million annual visitors.

Yet the Melville Hotel has a not-so-secret weapon. Set at right angles to the hotel frontage, two back to back, ultra-bright full colour LED screens ensure holidaymakers see the Melville before they see anything else on the street.

Ultra-bright multi line display for ultra impact

4 full colour lines, each 160mm in height grab the attention from hundreds of yards away. The fully programmable system means the hotel can change its messaging to suit its priorities. This allows it to announce vacancies and promote special offers more powerfully than any other hotel in its vicinity.

LED graphic screens grab the eye – and grab business – in a way traditional signage simply can’t,” says Scanlite Sales & Marketing Manager, Adam Carter. “They say Blackpool has more hotel beds than the whole of Portugal. Making your voice heard against that sort of competition demands a different way of thinking. The digital LED screens we’ve installed for the Melville Hotel give them a far more compelling, powerful presence that captures more passing trade.”

Capture more business with LED screens

Whether it’s a time and date display or a full colour video screen, people can’t help but look at LED signs. And if they’re looking at your sign, they’re looking at your business.

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LED screen technical details


LED display screen type

Ultra bright, full colour, back to back

Display screen width


Display screen height


Display screen depth

100mm per side

Display screen resolution

128 x 40 dots

No of lines

4 (@ 160mm in height)

Characters per line


Character height

640mm per line

LEDs per pixel


LED pitch


LED brightness


LED display colour

Ultra bright full colour

Memory capacity


Enclosure finish

Black aluminium IP 65 rated



Power supply

240V ac. 90 days backup memory

Package included

Graphic software, data cable, 5m power cable

LED display screen modes

Random, instant, open, shutter, shift, scroll

LED display screen functions

Time, date and day, timed text, animation, auto- dimming

Character sets

Test mode: standard display font (normal, bold, italic) Graphics mode: Windows fonts, static artwork

Need LED graphic display screens or boards for your event or campaign? Scanlite LED screen hire gives you your choice of LED display for as long as you need it.

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