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Royal Hotel LED Display Screens

LED display screens – impact wherever you are

You’re a stone’s throw away from the tallest rollercoaster in Europe. You’re surrounded by competing hotels. And every year the Blackpool Illuminations light the sky just moments from your door. How do you make yourself stand out against all that?

For the Royal Hotel, the answer lay with Scanlite. “The Royal is surrounded by hotels all competing for business,” says Scanlite Sales & Marketing Manager, Adam Carter, “but they don’t all have a graphic display board outside their hotel to grab the attention of passing tourists.”

Pixel power

The Royal’s full colour graphic LED screen features ultra bright LEDs with a pixel pitch of 16mm. Coupled with a big, bold font the sign is easy to read at distance.
Its IP65 rating means it can cope with all the weather a Blackpool winter throws at it – and being close to the seafront that’s no mean feat.

The result is an endlessly changeable LED display screen that shows vacancies, prices, date, time and more. It gives its owner more impact, more energy and more power than the hotels around it. And the result of that is improved business from passing tourists, and a beacon for booked guests searching for their hotel.

Discover the power of LED screens

Every business can benefit from LED screens. When part of the battle is simply getting noticed, an LED screen can entice people to look straight at you.

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LED screen technical details


LED display screen type

Ultra bright full colour 

Display screen width


Display screen height


Display screen depth

100mm per side

Display screen resolution

72 x 32 dots

No of lines


Characters per line


Character height

800mm per line

LEDs per pixel


LED pitch


LED brightness


LED display colour

Full Colour 

Memory capacity


Enclosure finish

Black aluminium IP 65 rated



Power supply

240V ac. 90 days backup memory

Package included

Graphic software, data cable, 5m power cable

LED display screen modes

Random, instant, open, shutter, shift, scroll

LED display screen functions

Time, date and day, timed text, animation, auto- dimming

Character sets

Test mode: standard display font (normal, bold, italic) Graphics mode: Windows fonts, static artwork

Need LED graphic display screens or boards for your event or campaign? Scanlite LED screen hire gives you your choice of LED display for as long as you need it.

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