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    Sainsbury's Petrol Displays

Sainsbury’s Petrol Stations

Petrol station signs from Scanlite - Sainsbury’s digital beacon

A petrol station sign can be far more than a price display. To a driver low on fuel it’s a sigh of relief. To the retailer it’s a beacon, pointing customers in the right direction.

Sainsbury's understands that – which is why they came to Scanlite for a number of their LED displays.

Digital displays for brand awareness

You might not expect something as apparently simple as LED petrol station signs to help build brand awareness, but at Scanlite we’re able to tailor every LED display to include your branding.

At Sainsbury’s that means we’ve incorporated the distinctive logo and orange colour scheme into the display sign, ensuring the brand is every bit as prominent as the price.

Supplying Sainsbury’s petrol station signs

Scanlite has installed 12’ high digit boards on Sainsbury’s petrol forecourts. Each LED display is controllable from the forecourt kiosk, so changing the displayed price takes mere seconds.

We’re proud that our LED digital displays are playing a part in helping more customers find their way to Sainsbury’s. If you’d like benefit from Scanlite’s digital displays call us now on +44 (0)1253 302 723 to discuss your project or complete our enquiry form.

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