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Hire LED Signs & LCD Displays
Hire LED Signs & LCD Displays
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Cut the cost of getting your message across

Published in Products on 28th September 2011

There’s no more effective, and cost-effective, way of getting your business message across than with LED display signs. Powerful LED technology can be put to use in a simple, inexpensive single line display or a giant LED video display screen to create endlessly changeable messages that pack real punch.

But what if the message you want to send relates to a single specific event or campaign? What if you want to mix your marketing methods? What if you want to dip your organisation’s toe into the waters of LED display technology with minimal commitment or investment?

The answer lies in hiring LED display signs.

Hiring LED displays

When considering hiring LED electronic display boards bear in mind that you’ll need three elements: the platform to transmit your message (the ‘box’ on which you’re message will be shown), the power to make it work, and something to say.

The platform

Many LED signs are modular. That means they can be built to almost any size and configuration. Depending on the length of the hire arrangement your LED sign supplier may, if able, be willing to create a bespoke display. Yet even without any customisation you should be able to find the right sign for most purpose without difficulty.

When selecting signs bear in mind the conditions (not all LED signs are suitable for external use), the event (bigger crowds at bigger events need bigger displays) and the volume and style of the information you need to display.

The power

Because the light source is LCD or LED all signs and displays are low energy which benefits the budget as much as it does your green credentials. If your sign is for external use, though, you’ll need to use an appropriate, weatherproof power source. You should be able to hire these, too, from your supplier.

The message

All LED display signs for hire are reprogrammable. With a single, bi or multi-line LED display this is simply done via keyboard or laptop. It takes moments to create and relay a message and is something that could be easily handled at the event.

Preparing images and video for larger LED display screens may demand greater time and effort in advance of the event. Once loaded onto memory stick or laptop, though, you can switch and change with ease via cabled interface, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Hiring makes sense

For many businesses LED signs and displays make sense precisely because they are permanent fixtures in regular use that can constantly change. For these organisations ownership is the most cost-effective option.

For others it’s a question of short term impact in a cost-effective way, testing out various marketing methods or simply picking the right medium for the right message. And that’s when hiring LED displays makes sense.

Let us find the right LED sign to get your message across.

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