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    LED Pharmacy Cross

LED Pharmacy Displays

Do more with the green cross

The green cross is internationally recognised as the universal symbol of the pharmacy. However, there are green crosses and then there are green crosses by Scanlite.

Scanlite manufactures a range of LED display boards and signage which is designed specifically for pharmacies, including LED pharmacy signs and illuminated pharmacy crosses. It is vital to your business that you stand out from the crowd and it is also vital for your customers to be able to find you. This is especially important at night, or at distance. Our innovative LED pharmacy displays will ensure that they can.

Leaders in LED pharmacy displays

Because Scanlite manufactures its LED pharmacy displays, the possibilities for your digital signage are endless. You can choose from pre-existing designs or we can create custom boards and displays which are unique to your business, purpose and location. This means that no matter the message you want to put across and however you want to say it, Scanlite can help you reach your customers.

Scanlite’s incorporated control technology lets you bring animation and impact to your LED boards and signs. This ensures that you grab people’s attention first time.

All of our Led pharmacy displays are simple to programme and offer boundless opportunities to tell customers and the local community about your products and services. In addition to direct advertising, our LED boards can be used to display the time, date and the current temperature, which helps your business become a focal point within any town or city, 24 hours a day.

LED technology offers the maximum brightness levels available, helping your messages remain visible during the daytime. During the night, the built in light sensors ensure that your digital signage always performs at optimal levels to save energy and money.

Installing your LED boards and signs is easy with Scanlite

Your LED pharmacy display will be swiftly installed by our team of highly skilled engineers. Each display is housed in a durable waterproof casing and all Scanlite display boards and signs are simple and inexpensive to maintain.

And, since LED technology is environmentally friendly, it can help lower your energy costs and your carbon footprint too.

Need digital LED pharmacy crosses or signs for your event or store? Scanlite LED screen hire gives you your choice of LED pharmacy signs for as long as you need it.

Discover what Scanlite's LED pharmacy displays can do for your business. Please contact our sales team or call us on +44 (0)1253 302 723 now.

Scanlite: First for LED pharmacy displays & signs.

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LED Pharmacy Displays
LED Pharmacy Displays