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  • SEM 220 Display Sign
    SEM 220 Display Sign
  • SEG 16 x 160 Display Sign
    SEG 16 x 160 Display Sign
  • SEG 16 x 160 Display Sign
    SEG 16 x 160 Display Sign
  • Pink Budget Display Sign
    Pink Budget Display Sign

LED Value Display Range

How can a simple budget LED display benefit your business?

Scanlite is a world leader in the manufacture of affordable LED display boards. Although we are at the forefront of digital signage, it does not mean that we’ve forgotten the power of a simple message told well.

‘Open’, ‘Closed’, ‘Vacancies’, ‘Welcome’, ‘Opening hours’. These are some of the most vital messages to be told, but also some of the shortest. Scanlite’s budget LED displays can help you stand out from the crowd by making the simplest of messages unmissable.

Budget LED display signs that pack a punch

Scanlite’s range of budget LED displays may come at a budget price, but there is nothing budget about their power and performance. Our budget LED display screens are tailor made for any business that needs to get its message across simply, but with impact. This means that you can easily inform your customers of the important facts with minimal outlay.

Packed with features to promote your business

You can customise your messages to make them even more eye catching. Display text in up to 16 brilliant colours. Use the display board indoors, in a window, or choose an ultra-bright budget LED display sign for outdoor use.

Each of our budget LED displays includes:

  • 7 English and European character fonts
  • The ability to store up to 7,000 characters
  • 24 eye-catching display effects, 8 pre-programmed graphics and 30 pre- programmed graphic symbols
  • 8 different shift speeds and 8 pause durations to help you get more messages to your customers at intervals you control
  • A real time clock display in either 12 hour or 24 hour format so your business remains a focal point even when you're closed
  • Infra-red key pad, Windows software and a PC data cable for easy programming
  • Fixing brackets & instructions

LED 'Open' and 'Vacancies / No Vacancies' Display Signs

The perfect signs for shops, takeaways, restaurants or hotels. These LED display signs are ultra-bright and highly visible throughout the day and night to help you reach more people. The value display range is available in two different sizes.

Messages by magic!

Scanlite's Magic Ball LED displays let you place your bright, moving message inside a smoked Perspex ball. The letters seem to float in space, making this one budget LED display you just can't tear your eyes away from!

Viewable from 360°, use it to get your message across with flair and fun.

Every Magic Ball LED display lets you store 1,000 characters in its memory via the easy to use handheld infra-red keyboard.

A budget LED display sign could be all you need to get your message across powerfully. Let us find the right budget LED displays for you.

Need LED display screens or signs for your event or campaign? Scanlite LED screen hire gives you your choice of LED display for as long as you need it.

Call us now on +44 (0)1253 302 723 or complete our enquiry form.

Scanlite. Leaders in budget LED display signs & screens.

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LED Value Display Range
LED Value Display Range