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LED Video Displays & LED Video Boards

Capture the imagination

LED video displays have the power to grab people’s attention and keep it. This is done easily through attractive LED digital display boards which are economical and energy saving as well as being impressive to view.

Scanlite manufactures large format LED video display screens which represent the current state of the art technology. Whatever the size or type of your venue and whatever the purpose, these LED display boards have the power to make your words and images reach the widest range of people. With incredible definition, contrast and colour, they are almost as impressive as the stages, pitches and stadia which they support.

LED video displays also provide an unbeatable platform for advertising. Scanlite LED video display boards allow you to tell stories and build brands in new and dramatic ways.

LED Screens: unlimited potential

Our innovative modular unit design means your LED displays can now be of unlimited size. And no matter how big they get, they’ll still offer all this:

  • Vibrant colours and needle-sharp images without afterglow
  • Uniform brightness across the whole LED display board
  • Optional brightness control that automatically adjusts the display to the ambient brightness - so the image stays looking its best whatever the conditions
  • Real time processing of any high quality picture or video, providing brilliant, high contrast display images
  • A 400Hz based video system for an absolutely flicker-free display
  • A wide viewing angle with optimum contrast and excellent visibility thanks to free standing LED clusters set against a black background.

Energy efficient LED display screens: the power's in the message

Scanlite LED video display screens can help maximise your energy efficiency. Low power LEDs, and screens that adjust according to the ambient light, can dramatically reduce your running costs and energy consumption when compared with non-LED technology.

Which means all the power’s in what you say, not the LED screens you use to say it.

Hiring LED display boards

The brilliance of our LED video display screens is now available to hire. Single event, short campaign or try before you buy? Discover the power of LED when you rent LED displays from Scanlite.

Call us now on +44 (0)1253 302 723 or complete our enquiry form.

Scanlite. Leaders in LED video screens & display boards.

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