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  • LED Multi-Line Display
    LED Multi-Line Display

Multi-line LED Displays

Multi-line electronic display boards – allowing you to keep talking

Get your message across - again and again - with multi-line LED display signs from Scanlite.

When you have something to say to your customers and you need a few lines to say it, use a multi-line LED display sign from Scanlite. You can easily get your message across again and again with multi-line LEDs and it will always work quickly and simply.

Because all of the LED displays from Scanlite are quick and easy to programme, you can change the message as often as you like. This can be done from a dedicated keypad or by using a Windows based software system, through both wired and wireless connections.

All of our multi-line electronic display signs are:

  • Energy efficient and more inexpensive to run that other display methods. You can easily display your message 24/7 without harming the environment or running up expensive bills
  • Ultrabright. This lets the signs be seen, even in direct sunlight
  • Free standing, wall mounted or suspended. This gives great flexibility for you to find the best place for your LED display sign
  • Great for night time. As the electronic displays include an auto-dim feature for night time use, it will use a minimal amount of energy whilst ensuring that your message remains bright

At Scanlite, every part of your multi-line LED display can be bespoke

We’ll custom build your unit to any size and in your preferred choice of display case.

We can make sure that your build is suitable for indoor or outdoor use and tailor the software to your exact needs. With different methods of communicating with your LED display sign, this can also be customised to make it easy for you. E.G. via Ethernet, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi etc.

Whatever your message and however you want to say it, we can create the right multi-line LED display board to help you say it more clearly.

Do you want to try before you buy? Do you just need a display for a single event or short campaign? Try out the power of LED displays with our LED display rental service.

Call us now on +44 (0)1253 302 723 or complete our enquiry form.

Could you say it all in a single line? Our single line LED display signs let you get your message across simply, quickly and effectively.

Scanlite. Leaders in multi line electronic display boards.

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Multi-line LED Displays
Multi-line LED Displays