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    LED Display Interfaces

LED Display Interfaces

Controlling your LED display screens

When the message needs to change you need the process to be simple and swift. Scanlite gives you a range of ways to control your digital signs easily.

Cabled connections

If the LED display sign you wish to control is within 10m of the computer you’ll be using to control it a cabled connection will be the simplest, most effective way of refreshing your messaging.

An RS232 connection links your computer to the sign. For multiple signs (or greater distances) choose connector RS422 and link one cable or LED display board to the next.

We can install your LED display boards for you. Ask us to quote for cabling and connecting your signs.


Control the LED display signs throughout your building using your local network (LAN), wider network (WAN) or Internet.

You’ll need an Ethernet connection cable between your computer and your internet port but you’ll avoid the need to run further cables throughout your building. Secure, fast and a natural choice for buildings with CAT5 cabling fitted as standard.


USB, modem and Bluetooth wireless options allow us to adapt your LED display board network to your particular circumstances. When cabling is impractical or impossible a wireless option gives flexibility, simplicity and speed.

Remote wireless

A radio data modem (RDM) or global system for mobile communications (GSM) will allow you to control your LED display signs remotely, wherever they are. The ideal choices for LED display screens that will be placed in difficult to reach areas and outdoor installations.

LED display sign interfaces - changing the message

With cabling complete or a wireless connection established, changing the messaging on the vast majority of our LED display boards is simple and quick. For most digital signs, including single, bi-line and multi line displays, changing the message is simply a matter of using your computer keyboard to type a new message.

Even for graphic displays, the simple presets and easy to use software let you easily bring variety and energy to your messages. Only with the most advanced video display units will you need the input of graphic artists to realise the full potential of your LED display signs.

Talk to us about your project. Call us now on +44 (0)1253 302 723 or complete our enquiry form.

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