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  • LED Displays Viewing Distances
    LED Displays Viewing Distances

Viewing Distances

LED display screens – the science of being seen

How easy it is to read your LED display sign is more than a matter of the distance between the sign and its reader...

When the LED display board and its audience are both stationary the calculation is a relatively simple one.

In general a 1” high piece of text will be viewable 50ft away. Every time you double the distance, you should double the height of the characters – so a 100ft distance would require a character height of 2”, 200ft – 4” and so on.

Time – the added dimension in LED display screen recognition

Place a moving audience before an LED display sign and an additional factor comes into play: time. Our brains require time to focus, view and process the information we receive from an LED display board when we are moving at speed. How much time we require does, of course, depend on the size of the sign and the speed of the audience.

In general it will take 3 to 4 seconds for a reader to process and understand a group of characters at the sizes and distances used above.

LED display signs – message received and understood

Making your information accessible and understandable is a key role of your LED sign manufacturer. That’s why viewing time and distance is an essential factor in the creation of every Scanlite LED display.

Talk to us about your project. Whatever your ambition, we’ll ensure your LED display screens have the scale to match.

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