The school that gets its messages across is the school that runs more smoothly. Making yourself heard above the noise is easier with LED electronic school signs.

Schools that use LED display signs as part of their communication strategy find putting the messages across is easier, and more information is retained. Whether it be timetable or location changes, news, clubs or after school information. Scanlite can help make the sheer volume of communication easier and give school signs a higher profile in your school.  Making your school a more efficient, more effective and a more vibrant place to be.

Easily programmable (so you can change the message as often as you wish), Scanlite can tailor your school signs to your specific needs. You could even ask pupils to design their own ideal sign system – and ask us to create the winner.

Choose from the simplest single line displays, full colour graphic displays or even full motion video displays. Because Scanlite manufactures bespoke LED electronic school sign systems we can create school signs your pupil’s can’t help but notice.

Do you need an LED screen or sign for an event at your school? Scanlite LED screen hire gives you a choice of LED displays for as long as you need it.  

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