You can bring power and energy to any size of entertainment event with media display screens. But if it’s scale you’re after… Attend any entertainment event and you’d be forgiven for thinking that LED display boards are now standard issue. Every act, from the biggest stadium band to the humblest local gig now includes LED video displays as part of the act. For the stadium fillers it’s about reaching the people at the back of the venue, perhaps with a giant video wall. For the intimate set it’s about conveying a mood or feel through the media display screens that complement the performance. That’s why, from galleries to theatres, public spaces to stadia, entertainment reaches more people more powerfully with LED graphic display boards.

Bespoke media display screens

Scanlite installs LED display screens for entertainment events across the UK. Because we manufacture our own media displays the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Want to amaze your audience with a stadium show filled with the latest, innovatively shaped LED display screens? No problem. Need a media display element to be incorporated into your art installation? We can do that. And if all you’re really after is a set of LED display boards to inform patrons of your theatre’s upcoming events – well, we can do that too. Inform, impress, amaze, exhilarate: whatever the entertainment, the results can be even more powerful when you add LED media displays to the mix.

Hire LED display boards

Have a single event for which you need LED media displays? For festivals, shows and displays – indoor or outdoor – talk to Scanlite about hiring or renting powerful LED video display screens that can help bring your event to life.

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