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Making Scanlite Digital Display’s part of your sales team.

When you’re open 24hrs a day it’s important your LED displays shine bright. That’s why Asda chose Scanlite to supply their LED petrol station displays. The 10’ LED petrol station signs we installed for Asda ensured that their sites were captivation both day and night, helping drive business to the petrol station and the store beyond. With branding as distinctive as Asda’s it was important to ensure there was a continuation of corporate identity from store to forecourt. Scanlite petrol station signs are customisable, so you can vary the height, the colour of the LED display, and the look of the housing unit. For Asda, that meant creating digital display units in their unmistakeable green and white palette.

Scanlite LED petrol station signs are easily controlled from the kiosk, so you can change the price in an instant. We carry out maintenance too, so you can be sure your digital displays will keep getting your message across. Whether you’re a major retailer like Asda or an independent petrol retailer, Scanlite can turn your forecourt into a beacon for motorists. Choose LED petrol station signs from Scanlite.

Screen Type: Electronic LED Petrol Price Display
Location: External – Nation Wide
Character Height: 255mm
LED Colour: Green
Brightness: 3000 Mcd
Enclosure: Anodised Aluminium Colour Black
Communication: Rs232/RS485

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