blackpool north pier case study scanlite


The Power to impress.

Blackpool North Pier may be 155 years old next year, but the oldest attraction in town had a little bit of a facelift to bring it into the modern era; with the addition of a state of the art digital LED display screen. The incorporation of a Scanlite screen was added for the 150th anniversary of the pier, where a show of images of the pier throughout its history where displayed. The constant use of the digital screen has helped to promote forthcoming events and shows throughout the seaside resort.

With the Video Screen being located along the promenade in Blackpool, we had to be sure that the screen would be able to withstand any kind of British weather condition. Our screens are housed in IP65 cases with means they have powerful protection from 70+mph winds, the corrosive effects of salt air and frequent showers of sea spray. With the adjustable brightness of each screen it means our screens can be promoting for Blackpool 24hours a day. 

Screen Type: Full Colour LED Video Display Screen
Location: External – Blackpool
Dimensions: 6400mm x 3200mm
Viewing Distance: 3m – 800m (Depending on Light Source) 
Brightness: 400 – 5000 Mcd 282 Trillion Colours
Control Interface: DVI

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