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The news, they say, never stops moving. So for an organisation committed to delivering that news to viewers across the world, it was important their presentation held as much energy and interest as the stories themselves. Scanlite had already worked with the Bloomberg TV channel at its studios in Paris and Rome, and was asked to create LED display screens and an LED ticker tape display to help bring the news to life in the London News Studios.

The project contained two key elements. First was a full colour video floor display, capable of showing maps and graphs, of zooming in to key areas and of displaying satellite imagery for weather news (pixel pitch 8mm). It brings an added level of interactivity to the news with the presenter interacting with the LED display, not merely standing by it. The second element was a moving LED ticker tape display (pixel pitch 6.25mm). A ribbon of LED display screen weaves around the outer edge of a raised stage area, displaying a constantly moving stream of headlines, stock market information and currency news.

We’re delighted that Scanlite’s LED display screens and LED ticker tape displays are being used by one of the world’s key newsrooms,” says Scanlite Sales & Marketing Manager, Adam Carter.

But we know that our technological abilities still have to represent excellent value for money. That was the case here, and we remain committed to producing market leading LED display screens at market beating prices.”

Screen Type: Full Colour LED Video Floor Display
Location: Internal – London
Dimensions: 768mm x 896mm
LED Assortment: 1x Red 1x Blue 1X Green
Gradient Colour Level: 24 bits- Red=256/ Blue= 256/ Green = 256
Control Method: Constant Current Drive Synchronous
Control Interface: DVI from Control Interface

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