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City Cruises

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When your business is located in the heart of our Capital City, the need to stand out and grab attention is very important. City Cruises is the largest tour boat operator on the River Thames. The tour boats see more than Four Million visitors every year from tourist’s sight seeing to leisure passengers. What better way to capture potential customers than a Full Colour Video LED Display Screen on the side of one of their boats, displaying their name and logo for all to see; day or night. 

The screens Scanlite installed onto one of City Cruises boats has the ability to show; motion videos, graphic logos, and static advertising. This means that whilst travelling along the River Thames, the every changing screen attracts attention to their company. The content show on the displays is easily changed so City Cruises can keep their customers up-to-date with changes and up-coming events or offers at the click of a button. 

Screen Type: Full Colour LED Video Display Screen
Location: External – London
Dimensions: 8.96m x 769mm
Viewing Distance: 10m – 200m (Depending on Light Source) 
Video Interface: DVI
LED Assortment: 1x U/B Red 1x U/B Blue 1x U/B Pure Green 

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