Gift Horse

Paula Cooper Gallery is an Art Gallery in New York City, America and was founded in 1968. The art gallery is well known for Conceptual and Minimalist artwork and artists. One artist; Hans Haacke, a German-born artist, was commissioned to produce a piece for Trafalgar Square, The Fourth Plinth. Hans Haacke designed a piece known as ‘Gift Horse’ where it is said The horse is based on an engraving, but tied to the front leg of the horse is a LED Ticker display in a bow shape which displays the live London Stock Exchange. With real-time refresh, and live updates, which means as soon as something changes on the the Stock Exchange, the LED Ticker would change along with it.


Screen Type: Flexible Tiles
Location: External – London
Module Size: 288mm x 192mm
Viewing Angle: 140˚H / 140˚V 
Brightness: 1800 cd/m
Refresh Rate: 1200 Hz