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Investec is an asset management and specialist banking group on an international scale. Investec have three major markets in Australia, South Africa and in the United Kingdom, where it provides financial services and products. With Investec being listed on the London Stock Exchange; amongst others, it’s important to have clear and accurate readings for all it’s employees to see. Scanlite designed, manufactured and installed two bespoke multi line LED ticker displays that had real time updates. This meant that as soon as anything on the stock exchange changed it would instantaneously change on the displays. Not only where the screens a talking point for future investors, they also became a member of the team working at Investec London. 

Screen Type: LED 24 Dot Ticker
Location: Internal – London
Dimensions: 1= 2928mm x 640mm – 1 = 4500mm x 640mm
LED Colour: Blue
Data Control: PC
Communication: RS232

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