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London City Airport


The Bloomberg Hub delivers a unique business travel experience, providing timely and relevant news, data and information within a visually-compelling, technology-driven space. It combines Scanlite’s leading technology, rich content and signature design to create an interactive, energetic and functional space devised to make the business traveller’s journey more productive, more efficient and more enjoyable.


The combined length of the Media Tickers creates one of the longest digital displays of its kind. It provides a dynamic stream of digital media, electronic data and visual information, split into two tickers: one in the pre-security zone, the other in the atrium beyond security.

  • 130-metres of scrolling digital media made up of 23 million LEDs.
  • Displays multiple streams of constantly updated market-moving news headlines and financial information, harvested from the Bloomberg Professional service, including indices, equities and currencies data.
  • Streams travel-specific information in visually engaging formats, including world weather and world time, configured according to daily LCY flight destinations.
  • Data drives design: different types of data on display trigger relevant imagery and video content, determining the style and speed of motion.
  • 130M Long. That’s nearly 1.5 Big Ben Clock Towers.
Screen Type: LED Digital Video Display
Location: Internal – London
Dimensions: 1= 66.2m x 960mm 1= 63.6m x 960mm
Viewing Distance: 1m~ 600m (Depending on light source)
Brightness: 800 – 1200 mcd
Control Interface: DVI Video Controller
LED Assortment: 1x Red 1x Blue 1x Green

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