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NHS Salford

LED sculptures – imagination in lights.

There aren’t any rules when it comes to LED displays. Scanlite can incorporate your message into almost any design that inspires. For the NHS’s Lift Centre in Salford, that meant creating an LED sculpture based on life itself. The Salford NHS Trust’s Lift Centre has health and learning at its core – two strands that are as interconnected as the DNA double helix. For the 100 local people consulted about their sculpture, it was clear they wanted something modern, contemporary and people-focused. And Scanlite faced the challenge of creating it.

LED displays don’t come in a double helix design as standard. Ever. For Scanlite to achieve the DNA vision for the NHS it would have to create bespoke aluminium casing to house intricately twisted single line LED panels. The finished LED sculpture is 4m high, 1.2m wide and suspended 12m from the ground making it visible to all 3 floors of the Centre’s atrium. On the LED display scroll two interwoven poems created by the people served by the Salford NHS Trust. “We’re proud of the LED sculpture we created for Salford NHS Trust,” says Scanlite Sales & Marketing Manager, Adam Carter. “It’s an LED display that’s full of creativity – the creativity of our designers and engineers, and the creativity of the people of Walkden who provided the words it displays. “I think it’s a testament to imagination – and a terrific example of the sort of bespoke LED sculptures and displays we’re capable of creating

Screen Type: LED Single Line Information Display
Location: Internal – Manchester
Dimensions: 4000mm x 205mm
Viewing Distance: 80m +
Viewing Angle: 180 Degrees
LED Colour: Red

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