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Hans Haacke’s ‘Gift Horse’ – Scanlite Case Study

After hearing the news that Hans Haacke’s masterpiece, ‘Gift Horse’, which features Scanlite’s bespoke ribbon ticker, was exhibiting at the New Museum in New York, we just had to acknowledge its greatness once again by reminiscing on where it all began…

The Fourth Plinth

In July 2013, Scanlite were approached by Paula Cooper Gallery for assistance in the proposal for the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square, London. The Fourth Plinth project invites artists to fill the vacant space in Trafalgar Square, London, UK. With the help from Scanlite, Hans Haacke was shortlisted for the public commission and the team had to submit their idea to win the space. 

The Fourth Plinth

The Fourth Plinth

The Idea

The idea was a monumental bronze skeleton that stands at around 15 feet tall, that depicts a horse in mid-stride, stripped down to it’s bones. Prominently adorning the horses front leg is an LED electronic ticker in the shape of a ribbon. LED lights, spanning an impressive 50 inches of digital screen loop to loop were embedded in the bow to continuously display the market prices of the United Kingdom’s leading stock exchange, completing the link between power, money and history. It was essential that the structure of the ticker tape was manufactured as thin as possible to ensure the display read as a ribbon and all technical connections must be built into the structure to enable them to pass through the bones and onto the top of the plinth. It was a necessity that the installation’s resolution was as high as possible, extremely durable and weatherproof. The statue is based on etchings by the British painter George Stubbs, whilst also referencing the statue of William IV which was originally planned to fill the vacancy of the Fourth Plinth in 1841 – which notably, never materialised due to lack of funding.

Hans Haacke's Gift Horse

Hans Haacke’s Gift Horse

The Scanlite Approach

By January 2014, Hans Haacke had won the public commission and the mayor’s office wanted to install the sculpture. They set an install date for early February 2015, so the planning process was in full swing. Scanlite were involved from the early stages of the installation, discussions between the teams began with how best to integrate the electronic ribbon with the skeletal horse sculpture.

Early on, it was made clear that the artistic vision of the project was critically important; in particular, the ribbon needed to be as thin as technically possible to not detract from the malnourished image. This proposed a challenge to fuse the necessary electronics into the design – multiple alternative solutions were suggested such as using a small diameter box for the live ticker feed and GSM interface. 

The agreed design by Scanlite was to instead hide almost all of the critical components inside of the actual plinth. This ensured the best possible finish which looked stunning on completion and fully realised the original artistic scope of the project.

Skeletal Horse with LED Electronic Ticker

Skeletal Horse with LED Electronic Ticker

From here, it was full steam ahead to get the equine bronze figure, ready to be unveiled on it’s Fourth Plinth. London’s pro-City Mayor, Boris Johnson unveiled the artwork, said to be a symbol of City excess and political austerity, in Trafalgar Square on the 5th March 2015. 

“There will be those who say that this undeniably underfed beast…  is a symbol of the excessive pursuit of austerity and the chancellor George-Osborne-diet approach to life. But I say absolutely not,” Johnson said.

“In those fabulous tubular structures you will see symbolised the vital infrastructure – the tube that must run beneath the surface of any great and beautiful city. The tubular structures that have received such fantastic investment thanks to our chancellor… and indeed playing a part in the greatest economic recovery this city has ever seen, and the driving force of the UK and indeed the European economy.”

Gift Horse Unveiling by London Mayor Boris Johnson

Gift Horse Unveiling by London Mayor, Boris Johnson


In 2017, the celebrated sculpture was moved to Haus der Kunst in Munich, Germany for a four month exhibition. The live ticker that previously showed a live broadcast of the London Stock Exchange was substituted with the Frankfurt Stock Exchange for the duration of the showing. Haacke described the presentation as “a tribute to the City, the Wall Street of London.”


After a monumental few months standing proud in Munich, the Art Institute of Chicago wanted to make sure their city was next. On October 5th 2018, after two years of planning, the very famous Gift Horse was publicly displayed in the Art Institute of Chicago, marking its first appearance in North America. 

“We felt it needed to come to Chicago,” says Lekha Hileman Waitoller, an exhibition manager in the museum’s Department of Modern and Contemporary Art. “It sparked our interest because it’s such a strong sculpture. There’s a lot to dig into in terms of its relationship to art, finance, and money, and also historical sculpture.”

New York

Fast forward to October 2019 and Haacke’s world renowned Gift Horse structure tied with the Scanlite LED ribbon, is now on view until January 26th 2020 at the New Museum in New York.

We are so proud to have been approached to take part in such monumental project and we hope the Gift Horse continues to excite tourists all over the globe.

Has this case study sparked inspiration in your mind that you may need some advice on? Or are you looking to invest in bespoke LED signage?  Speak to one of our experts today for more information. We can make the impossible, possible. 

When Stage and Screen Combine: The Shift From Traditional To Digital

Digital Theatre Signage

Go beyond listing static showtimes. Play trailers, promote reviews, feature cast profiles and more with the power of LED digital theatre signage.

Theatres are having to take action and replace their static posters and message boards that are no longer making an impact with consumers and employees with LED digital signage technology. Digital theatre signage is the most dynamic way to move with the times and keep theatre-goers paying to watch the latest shows and movies at their local theatres. I mean come on, who doesn’t love a good old date night at the theatre?

With digital signage,  theatres can display content in static or video graphic formats to promote the latest films or show adverts, feature reviews and interview quotations, combine visuals with data for pricing or menu boards and introduce way finding facilities for concessions, toilets and seat finding info.

New Marketing Technologies

Think about the time customers spend queuing both inside and out, paying for tickets, waiting for snacks… Capitalise on this time by using digital theatre signage to promote everything your venue has to offer whilst you have their attention captured. Digital signage plays a vital role in showing promotions and adverts and putting them in front of the customer. A lot of brands are recognising that traditional media no longer resonates with the majority of their customers, which prompts these brands to invest in new marketing technologies to keep sales on the rise.

There is no better time to entice your customers to book a future performance than when they are just leaving another. By introducing interactive digital theatre signage boards, you are offering your customers a quick and easy solution to book a ticket for the next show, helping your foyer staff serve those customers who really need that extra help. Digital signage cuts queues, saves time and boosts sales. What more could you want?

Themed Content

Digital signage gives theatres the opportunity to reflect seasonal occasions with themed video content, graphics, animations and even promotional offers. For example, consider an animation with snow falling and Christmas music sounding for your video wall in your foyer, or an animated egg hunt on your interactive touch screen signage for Easter time. The key is to create bold imagery, eye-catching graphics and high-quality videos on your digital screens. This is such a great marketing tactic to increase engagement and encourage sales.

Employee Communication

Digital theatre signage is an extremely effective medium for internal communications. Keep your screens up to date with industry updates, timetable’s and shifts, administrative information, and even relevant news coverage.

Goals and Metrics

Track your performance using your digital signage. With goals and metrics formatted in an easily digested composition, employees can read the content and effectively act on these metrics and exceed the goals.

The benefits of incorporating digital signage in theatres are endless. With the potential combination of increasing profits, engaging consumers and reaching goals, investing in digital signage for your theatre is a no-brainer!

Scanlite will work alongside you to design, deploy and support a digital signage solution that is right for you and within your budget. For more information on how we can help you with your digital signage, please contact us on 01253 302723, or email us at



Getting Your Store Ready For Christmas 2019: The Digital Way!

Whether you’re online, in store, or catalogue, there’s plenty you can be doing to get yourself ready for Christmas – yes, we know it’s only October, but with A/W19 fashion hitting shop floors, and Halloween breathing down your neck, the bells will start jingling before you know it. Preparation is key, so getting your marketing in place before the big day comes around is vital.

Don’t forget, it’s not just Christmas that you need to focus on, but the likes of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the New Year sales. Getting your store equipped with great digital signage, as well as converting that messaging across social media is essential for keeping customers engaged and excited to shop. So how do you do it?

Get the very best in window displays!

Whether you hire a window dresser or try your hand at it yourself, your window displays are what entice the shoppers in – regardless of what they think they’re out to buy. Whatever message you’re putting out across your website and social media channels, your store front can replicate, with better effects and a stronger lasting image.

Think huge LED 3D lettering or colourful creations that draw the eye in. If you’re lacking in the creative department, get someone to come up with a great idea for you! We’re pretty good at doing that at Scanlite…

Remember, it doesn’t always have to be Christmas related, especially not in the traditional sense. Forget Christmas trees and fairy lights and think outside of the box. Not only will this get the footfall you’re after into your stores, but will also generate that exposure across social media, from people taking pictures and tagging your brand to even creating a campaign hashtag, offering an engagement incentive.

Reflect everything in store, online

There’s no escaping the fact that whatever you do in store has to be replicated online. If your website doesn’t match your window campaigns, customers will lose focus and become confused, as well as being less invested in your brand. Ensure everything matches up, from social media headers, to campaign hashtags, even to email signatures. Consistency is key.

Think about how the likes of John Lewis, M&S, and even McDonalds all carry their Christmas messaging throughout all of their marketing collateral. The hype around Christmas television adverts is huge, but these big brands know that if they forget a particular channel, customers and potential customers will be less engagement and less likely to buy.

Invest in wayfinding signage

There’s nothing worse than having frustrated customers at Christmas time, as well as having tight staff numbers. If your store has effective and eye catching wayfinding signage, your more likely to relieve your staff of the stress of pointing customers in the right direction, instead of adding more stock and serving customers.

LED signage and digital signage is a great way to effectively get your message across in store, providing customers with helpful guidance, as well as reinforcing your Christmas marketing campaign.

Encourage feedback from customers

Whether you’re just online or just in store, or both, feedback is essential. Negative feedback gives you all the room you need for improvement, and positive feedback can be used to reward your hard working staff. Ask for this when customers are leaving your store or about to leave your website. Christmas is a great time to do this, as it’s your busiest period and shows how well your staff can cope under pressure.

If you need any help with your Christmas signage ideas, contact Scanlite today for more information.

The Power of Digital Shelf Signage in Supermarkets

Retail Shop Shelf Signs


We believe that software integration and multichannel transformation of the retail industry is not just a futuristic trend anymore but a necessary next step in the right direction. Local industries can’t ignore the adding pressure of e-commerce and many industrial entrepreneurs are realising the desperate need to up their game and invest in digital real-time solutions such as digital shelf signage for their stores. 

The Power of Digital Shelf Signage in Supermarkets

Supermarkets aren’t always utilising every edge at their disposal when it comes to selling to their customers. Consider the shelf edge and the power it has to persuade the customer. A large percent of all shopping decisions happen at the shelf edge, which encourages the store owner to consider shelf-edge technology to set up new strategies to reach their vast number of consumers.

Digital shelf signage can help retailers:

  • Deliver dynamic price and promotional changes in every store instantly
  • React to competitor or market changes maintaining a competitive advantage
  • Save significant labour costs associated with shelf edge labels
  • Build an omnichannel experience to enhance customer loyalty
  • The initial step towards a paperless industry

How Digital Shelf Signage in Supermarkets Can Help Boost Sales

Digital shelf signage for supermarkets can engage the customer by giving them new ideas for using certain products in recipes, giving them information on nutrition and health tips or allergens and providing consumers information that they may not know about products that they are considering purchasing. By giving the consumer vital information, it can help convince them to not only make the purchase, but they should purchase other products that will enhance the product they are already buying – Up selling!

When it comes to shelf-edge technology, it’s important to have your digital signage located in high-traffic areas where your audience will see the advertisement. When the customer sees the digital signage, it has to be engaging so that the customer will feel valued and want to purchase from your supermarket, rather than go elsewhere.


Keeping The Customer Engaged

Most store managers would like to directly engage their customers to further personalise their experience. Digital signage in strategic areas allow personalised messages that help the retailer be in multiple places at once and still provide a rewarding experience for the customer. Customers can learn more about different products and even get tips to prepare certain types of foods that they may be considering purchasing. Furthermore, supermarkets can use their digital signage to alert the customer on how long they must queue for and whether there is another till point open to finalise their shop.

Soon, when you walk by a shelf filled with produce, it may have electronic labels, personalised advertisements, RFID technology and IoT sensors. As we approach 2020, ‘smart shelves’ with digital signage will be coming to more and more supermarkets as retailers attempt to replace all paper labels with advanced technology.

Digital Electronic Shelf Signs

When you’re ready to take the next step and purchase digital shelf signage for supermarkets, do not hesitate to contact us. Call 01253 302723 or email us at Whether it is digital indoor signage or digital outdoor advertising, we can definitely help your business get your message out there!




The History and Evolution of Digital Retail Signage

retail highstreet

digital retail highstreet


Prior to digital retail signage, retailers used analog video signs. It was common to see video monitors in retail stores in the 80’s and the 90’s displaying digital retail signage with VHS videotapes. When DVD’s were invented, that was the beginning of digital signage for retailers. DVD’s were digital and therefore offered improved benefits over VHS tapes, so retailers began to switch to DVD players, with some even using Blu-ray high-definition discs. Some retailers still use these media today.

Flat Panel Displays

Both VHS and DVD’s were initially shown on cathode-ray-tube TV monitors. When flat-panel displays became affordable and less bulky in the early 2000’s, retailers began to convert to flat panels. Today, retailers still use flat-panel displays, but have replaced DVD’s and Blu-ray discs with computer-driven signage players, also referred to as media players, which is the heart of a digital sign. With a computer-driven signage player, content can be dynamic, centrally controlled and updated in seconds — a tremendous marketing tool for retailers!

The Benefits of Digital Signage in Retail

The evolution from analog video signs to digital has advanced digital signage to new heights, providing many new retail applications. It has only been within the past six years or so that digital signage has taken off in many commercial environments. Digital signage is used in many vertical markets, with the retail industry being one of the fastest growing. This is due to the costs of the displays and players, which continue to fall in price, but also from the benefits digital signs provide to retailers. ROI is the reason why retailers are adapting digital signage for many applications. 

LED Retail Signage London

LED Retail Signage

Technological Advancements

Technology is also driving this tremendous growth. New advancements in displays, signage players, content management, interactivity and analytics software can engage consumers in ways never before imagined. And, with these new advancements, many new solutions are being introduced to retailers.

Digital signage can be easily installed, serviced and maintained in multiple ways. Web-based options, including cloud or intranet-based software, are increasingly popular. These systems allow you to manage your content from a web browser – so as long as you have an internet connection, it is quick and simple to monitor and edit all aspects of your digital solution.

Digital Retail Signage Improves Audience Engagement 

Digital signs come in a variety of shapes, sizes and abilities. Make the most of this and get creative with your signage to offer your audience a unique experience. An example of this would be touch screen displays providing a survey, product demo or game for your consumers to try.

This can benefit your business greatly. Firstly, it means that your visitors are spending longer on your product or services. A demo or game could not only entertain but educate them on your product, giving them time and influence in making a well-informed decision on whether to buy your product or service.

Secondly, it also increases your brand awareness. People love technology and by providing a different and unique experience, your visitors are more likely to remember your store and recommend to others – your digital signage can play a huge part in this.

Audience Engagement

Audience Engagement

Measurable Data

Digital retail signage is also a very effective way to collect valuable data about your audience. This could be how long your digital displays are actually being used.. and of course most importantly whether the information it provides is increasing sales!

Be confident in asking your customers their thoughts on your digital signage. Did it influence their buying decisions? Did it entertain them? There’s no harm in asking and it can provide very useful and detailed insights.

Consider this statistic: 80 percent of UK residents aged 12 or older have seen a digital video display in a public venue in the past month; 62 percent recall seeing one in the past week. And nearly one in five (19 percent) said they made an unplanned purchase after seeing an item featured on the screen. What would one in five unplanned purchases do for your business?

Environmental Factors

Digital signage has well-known environmental benefits too:

  • Less paper waste due to needing fewer static signs that need to be frequently reprinted
  • Lower carbon footprint associated with the manufacture and shipping of paper signs
  • Reduced use of chemicals, inks and adhesives that are used in printing process

For printers, this is a sign of the changing times. There is still, and will always be, a need for the traditional print billboards that make up a cornerstone of many major brand campaigns. But digital signage is rapidly improving, making it a very intriguing option as campaign managers seek new ways to engage with their audience.

The Impact of Digital Retail Signage

Today, you can find digital signage just about everywhere: retail stores, sports stadiumshotels, banks, medical clinics, airports, fuel stations, schools and colleges, exhibitions and trade shows and many other public locations.

According to a recent industry report, 76 percent of consumers have entered a store because the digital signs were interesting, while an additional 75 percent of consumers have told friends about a store simply because they were impressed by the signage. Most importantly, 68 percent purchase a product or service because of the appealing nature of the digital signage.

Retailers’ use of digital signage has been growing at double digits over the past several years and is expected to continue at double-digit growth for many years to come. Digital retail signage is not really new to retailers; they have just evolved over the years. As new advances in digital-signage technology continue to emerge, so will new applications for retailers.

Piccadilly circus london digital signage

For more information on LED Digital Retail Signage and how it could boost your sales, contact Scanlite today on 01253 302723 or email us at

8 Digital Signage Trends To Watch Out For During The Rest Of 2019

8 Digital Signage Trends To Watch Out For During The Rest Of 2019

Analytical data

We’re seeing a lot of personalisation in digital signage in recent years, particularly with AI becoming more and more intelligent. As humans, we like to feel companies care, and personalisation does that. In 2019, big data and analytics will be stepping up and helping us make better decisions about our digital signage choices. We’re even seeing digital screens recognise people’s faces and the length of time they’re stood in front of a screen.

More industries using digital signage

Signage is important – but what’s also important is that your customers are engaged. Your traditional signage has to compete with what’s in front of a person, on their phone. Digital signage can be the answer to that. We’re seeing large growth in the finance and restaurant sectors, showing that customers want more than just customer service, but an experience.

Interactive & touchscreens

We all like to be involved and digital signage allows us to do that. Taking it once step further, interactive and touchscreens give the consumer that element of control and power – it’s all about taking it to the next level.

Projections & Holographic

If you’re not on board with interactivity yet, perhaps projection software or holographic images are the way forward. They’re certainly making a big statement in the digital signage world at the moment and that doesn’t look like it’s slowing down any time soon.

Hardware & displays

But not just any old hardware and displays. We’re seeing changes in shape and size – remember, bigger doesn’t always necessarily mean better. Companies are now looking for the thinnest screens possible, with walls of digital signage throughout their stores.

Video walls

We spoke earlier about projections and super thin screens becoming ‘on-trend’, but what we’re really seeing are video walls – there’s literally no way people are going to miss your campaign message that way.

GDPR still counts

With personalisation becoming a big thing in digital signage, that means more personal data is being recorded, which means GDPR and data protection as a whole now becomes a huge issue for digital signage users. This isn’t a bad thing of course – it just means cleaning your data more often and being sensible with who you market towards.

Technology continues to evolve

Luckily for us, we work in an industry where technology is ever-changing, meaning we can bring new and exciting ideas to our customers. We keep up to date with the changes and industry trends, so we can pass that knowledge onto you.

How To Use Digital Signage Effectively In 2019

digital signage in 2019

2019 has been a tumultuous year so far – and we’re still only seven months in! With anxiety around Brexit, nervousness over new leadership, and a sticky economy, it’s no wonder so many businesses are tightening their belts and playing it safe.

However, marketing your company in these precarious times is more important than ever – but standing out from the crowd and making the most noise is also essential. That’s why we’ve put together this article on the best ways to use digital signage to promote your business this year.

And if you need some help on how to do any of the below, you can speak to one of our experts to help generate those all important ideas.

Know your goals

Think about the aim of using digital signage. It can be tempting to think that you know exactly why you’re using it and where it needs to be placed, but often our end goal can be overshadowed by being impressed by fancy animation and cool software. Ensure your signage partner is providing you with the right advice, so if you have a goal of reaching more people or engaging with your current audience, you have the right tools at your disposal to make sure that happens.

Know your strategy

Once you’ve decided on those goals, it’s all about the marketing strategy that goes alongside it. Great, you’ve decided you want to use digital signage, but how are you going to measure your results and what other marketing elements are you utilising in order to promote your new endeavour? Set a project manager from the very beginning and work with your marketing team to ensure your digital signage efforts are working with all your other channels.

Know your audience

Different age groups have different interests and will engage with marketing through a lot of channels. This is vital to consider when developing your digital signage idea, from thinking about social media interaction to viewing levels.

Know your placement

Where and how will your signage be viewed? If you’ve got an audience of 10,000, think about how this will look to the people in the front, those on the side-lines, and the unfortunate ones at the very back. If you’re showcasing a new product or delivering important safety information for an event, you need to be aware of how this experience will come across – and placement is vital for this.

Know how to change it up

So you’ve created a brilliant piece of signage that not only engages with your audience, but also is a hit on social media too. But it’s gone stale because you’ve left it too long to change it up. Viewers want something new and interesting – and they want it often. Make sure you’re catering to your market with those fresh and exciting ideas.

Know your software and hardware needs

And if you don’t, use a professional that does (i.e. Scanlite!). It doesn’t matter if you’re not an expert in digital signage – you can still use it effectively, but you need to trust your signage partner, allowing them to provide you with the best ideas, as well as the very highest spec software and hardware. A poor workman blames his tools, but having those tools at your disposal isn’t a bad thing.
If you have any other queries or concerns about using digital signage effectively in 2019 and beyond, contact the experts at Scanlite today for more information.

How Your Healthcare Business Can Benefit From Digital Signage In 2019

How Your Healthcare Business Can Benefit From Digital Signage In 2019


The healthcare industry can often be tight on money for marketing – it’s understanding when the majority of your budget will go into the patients’ care or supplying your pharmacy with the right medications and equipment.

However, outdated can often mean less effective and attractive to many people, which could put them off using your services, whether you’re a dentist, pharmacist, or physio. Keeping up with new and emerging technologies can be difficult, but often an essential factor in the smooth running of your practice of healthcare centre.

Digital signage is an incredibly simple, but effective method of portraying information clearly to your patrons and can come in many forms. These include:

  • Digital information boards i.e. when someone is called in for their appointment
  • Touch screens for check ins or information
  • Video screens
  • Wayfinding signage

But how can your healthcare business benefit from these types of digital signage in 2019 and why should you be utilising them?

Decreases check in times

Patients who are confident enough to use a touch screen check in system allow for the receptionist to take more calls, speak to less able patients, as well as ensure waiting times for check ins are kept to a minimum.

Reduces anxiety in patients

Often, when waiting for an appointment, your patients may be anxious or concerned about when they’ll be checked in and what time their appointment is. Having digital information signage, videos, and digital screens, will provide them with the opportunity to calm down, take information in, and answer their questions.

Share information easily

Whether that’s with patients, customers, or staff members, digital signage in your healthcare business will provide you with easier access to information, ensuring everyone is aware of important notices. This also tends to be a much more accessibly way of getting information across.

Cost effective

Digital signage and video production are a lot more cost effective than traditional informative signage or wayfinding signage. This is because traditional signage tends to have a life limit and needs updating often. Digital or video signage can be updated regularly and screens rarely need much maintenance. Printing is also a thing of the past with digital signage. You can update your software to showcase your newest medical equipment or promote free complementary therapy sessions or update your patients and staff on the next training days – the possibilities are endless.

Marketing and promotion

Digital signage can easily help you promote your healthcare services or new products. This can ensure you’re keeping your customers and patients up to date, as well as increasing your revenue stream.

Alert system

You can program digital signage to work as a warning system to patients, ensuring that they have time to evacuate the building, if necessary. This is a much more effective method than simply sounding an alarm, as it is accessible and people are more likely to respond to it.

If you require digital signage for your healthcare centre or shop, contact Scanlite today to see our range of products and case studies within your industry.

How to Showcase your Brand in 2019

showcase your brand in 2019

showcase your brand in 2019

There are a plethora of marketing options to choose from, whether you’re a small business or huge enterprise, each company can take advantage of the wealth of choice on offer – the hard part is knowing what will work best for you. That’s why we’ve complied this guide on how to showcase your brand in 2019, from the more traditional methods to the digital and tech savvy techniques.

Make marketing a priority

However you decide to market your business, ensure you set time aside to make marketing a priority. Regardless of the sector or industry you’re positioned in, it can be incredibly easy to push your marketing efforts to the back of the queue, ignoring potential outlets for communicating with new customers or generating those important leads. It’s not an excuse to say you’re too busy; what happens when you stop being busy and there aren’t any more orders or enquiries? A regular, integrated marketing plan that you provide with some love and attention, will ensure that this won’t happen.

Like you would plan in time for doing your accounts or communicating with clients, ensure you set a few hours aside a week, or however often you think you might need, and utilise that purely for marketing. From creating social media plans to booking in networking events and exhibitions, this time should focus on you as a brand, creating that story for your company.

Choose your channels

A lot of marketing is trial and error and we understand that small businesses especially, don’t have the time or budgets to experiment with different marketing techniques. So choose your channels wisely, whether that’s a local radio advert, huge LED screen on Piccadilly Circus, or targeted Facebook advertising, look at what your audience or personas are utilising and reach out to them that way. Not all businesses can manage multiple social media channels or have an ad in every broadsheet newspaper; see which one is the most popular with your demographic and utilise it as best you can.

Small experimentation at the start will pay off in bucketloads later down the line. Once you start seeing engagement and traction, or don’t start seeing that traction, it’s time to boost your efforts, or remove yourself from the conversation.

Look at new options

Often, we get sucked into using the same techniques over and over again. Tried and tested always works, right? But in this fast-paced, digital world, customers want more and need that engagement. We’re seeing direct mail get a resurgence because of the new GDPR. Direct mail also allows companies to use creative ways of portraying information. Audiences are more engaged when they receive something through the post because we’re all so used to seeing emails pop into our inbox now.

If you have a store or physical location, think about how digital signage can aid your marketing efforts. H&M recently installed interactive and digital wayfinding signage throughout their stores, which not only guides customers to their desired location, but also looks pretty cool too, adding to the aesthetic of the brand.

Video was top dog in 2018 and continues to be in 2019. We engage better with moving images; video allows brands to tell their story easily. Showcasing your brand-new marketing video across a range of different channels is great too, providing you with an interchangeable asset. We’re thinking LED display boards, GIFs on social media, and exhibition content.

Create content that excites

Having a great brand and showcasing it well relies on you having a great story and storytelling techniques. Creating exciting content, whether that’s in the form of a social media post, video, or flash mob, means that you’re engaging with your audience – but you need to have fantastic content in order to engage. Don’t just sell to your customer, but invite conversation, create questions, and inspire ideas.

If you need to bring your brand into the spotlight this year, contact Scanlite today for ideas on how to utilise digital signage to promote and market your company effectively.


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15 Of The Biggest LED Digital Signage Pieces

Piccadilly circus london digital signage

They say size doesn’t matter, but when it comes to signage, making an impact often comes on a large scale. As well as this, if you’re looking for inspiration for your own signage, you can utilise the bigger companies for ideas and tips. They might have larger advertising budgets and signage, but your quirky and creative innovative ways will ensure you make an impact of your audience, whatever industry and wherever you are. All you need is some inspiration, so check out our list of the 15 biggest LED digital signage pieces around the world.

Times Square, New York City

times square new york

Of course, no LED signage list would be complete without featuring Times Square. It’s not just the size of the screens that are featured in this monumental area, but also the amount. This colourful and vibrant piece of New York is often seen as the hub of the city, with flocks of tourists coming to stare in awe at the huge, high resolution screens. In a sea of advertisers and brands, companies need to make an impact in this area, whether by simply being the biggest, or having the most engaging animation.

Broadway, New York City

broadway digital signage new york

Just around the corner from Times Square, comes one of the largest, if not THE largest, LED screens in the USA. The Marriot Marquis Hotel on 45th Street features a screen the size of an American football field, spanning the entire side of the building. Even up close, this screen is still just as impressive, ensuring that nothing becomes blurry the closer you are to it. You can just see it the left of the picture above.

The Cube, Brisbane, Australia

Brisbane in Australia is home to one of the largest interactive digital displays in the world. This vast piece of technology, named ‘The Cube’, attracts crowds of onlookers to learn and interact with the touch screen. It’s based in the Queensland University of Technology and teaches lots of people about the environment around them, that they may not get to experience in person.

Las Vegas

America features on our list yet again, and it’s no surprise that Las Vegas has made an appearance. With its bright lights and entertainment, big screens are an essential feature of the strip, specifically on Fremont Street, with more than 25,000 people flocking daily to see the amazing light show. The screen features more than 12 million LED lights, so it’s no wonder why it’s made this list.

Istanbul Airport, Istanbul

Samsung Electronics hit the jackpot with Istanbul Airport, which now boasts the largest indoor airport LED signs in the entire world! Go big or go home is the airport’s mentality, which is now on its way to becoming the biggest airport in the world. At least it has the digital signage to match.

The Place, Beijing

Known for its more cultural aspects, such as ancient temples and peaceful mountains, Beijing is also home to a little something called ‘The Place’, a huge LED canopy that certainly makes an impact in the digital signage world. This incredible piece of technology is noted as Asia’s largest screen and well worth a visit.

London, UK

Piccadilly circus london digital signage

The UK might be a small island, but it comes up big in the digital signage stakes. Piccadilly Circus used to feature lots of individual screens that curve around the building (as seen above), but now can claim to have the largest individual digital screen in the whole of Europe.

Madrid, Spain

Another record-breaker on our list, again in Europe, Madrid can now say it has the largest outdoor digital screen in Spain. Although perhaps not as large as others, its smart technology allows the screen to repel water and dust, which is extremely helpful with being outdoors.

South Korea Airport, South Korea

Airports are big on advertisement, which is why a couple have featured on this list. South Korea is no different, boasting two of the largest OLED screens in the world. No only are these great for capturing all that footfall’s attention, they can also be used for wayfinding and information too.

Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Georgia

The Yanks have done it again, with another ginormous screen, this time in Georgia. The Mercedes-Benz Stadium, home to the Atlanta Falcons (NFL) and Atlanta United FC, actually claimed the record of the world’s (that’s right, not just the US) largest video board, back in 2017.

Texas Motor Speedway, Texas

Staying in the US for now, the Texas Motor Speedway has a Panasonic video screen size of 218ft by 95ft, making it one of the largest HD video displays in the world.

Meydan Racecourse, Dubai

Away from the US, is the Meydan Racecourse in Dubai. The racecourse is spectacular enough in itself, being able to hold over 60,000 spectators, as well as featuring a horse racing museum and five-star hotel. Wowza. Although not the largest LED screen for a racecourse, the Meydan still hosts a video display of 12 million LEDs.

Yankee Stadium, New York City

The huge Diamond Vision LED display screen in the Yankee Stadium, New York City, is one of the largest sporting venue screens going – and it’s even more surprising that this was first constructed ten years ago! Fans were concerned the screen would take over the stadium, distracting viewers from the actual game at hand – and although this is probably the case, you do get a great view from all angles.

Tokyo Racecourse, Japan

This huge screen that spans near enough the entire finish line of the racecourse, is actually the size of three tennis courts! Back in 2006, this screen boasted the title of largest HD TV. Even if it’s not breaking any more records, it’s still big enough to make our list.

Arena Corinthians, Brazil

world cup brazil digital signage

Another sporting stadium features – and for good reason too. With 34,000 LEDs and standing at 560ft by 66ft, this is a gigantic digital screen and lives at the Arena Corinthians in Brazil, installed for the World Cup.

If you’re a small or large business looking to showcase your services or products, there’s a type of digital signage out there for you; whether you want to go as large as the above, is another question! Contact us today for more information.



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