8 Digital Signage Trends To Watch Out For During The Rest Of 2019

Analytical data

We’re seeing a lot of personalisation in digital signage in recent years, particularly with AI becoming more and more intelligent. As humans, we like to feel companies care, and personalisation does that. In 2019, big data and analytics will be stepping up and helping us make better decisions about our digital signage choices. We’re even seeing digital screens recognise people’s faces and the length of time they’re stood in front of a screen.

More industries using digital signage

Signage is important – but what’s also important is that your customers are engaged. Your traditional signage has to compete with what’s in front of a person, on their phone. Digital signage can be the answer to that. We’re seeing large growth in the finance and restaurant sectors, showing that customers want more than just customer service, but an experience.

Interactive & touchscreens

We all like to be involved and digital signage allows us to do that. Taking it once step further, interactive and touchscreens give the consumer that element of control and power – it’s all about taking it to the next level.

Projections & Holographic

If you’re not on board with interactivity yet, perhaps projection software or holographic images are the way forward. They’re certainly making a big statement in the digital signage world at the moment and that doesn’t look like it’s slowing down any time soon.

Hardware & displays

But not just any old hardware and displays. We’re seeing changes in shape and size – remember, bigger doesn’t always necessarily mean better. Companies are now looking for the thinnest screens possible, with walls of digital signage throughout their stores.

Video walls

We spoke earlier about projections and super thin screens becoming ‘on-trend’, but what we’re really seeing are video walls – there’s literally no way people are going to miss your campaign message that way.

GDPR still counts

With personalisation becoming a big thing in digital signage, that means more personal data is being recorded, which means GDPR and data protection as a whole now becomes a huge issue for digital signage users. This isn’t a bad thing of course – it just means cleaning your data more often and being sensible with who you market towards.

Technology continues to evolve

Luckily for us, we work in an industry where technology is ever-changing, meaning we can bring new and exciting ideas to our customers. We keep up to date with the changes and industry trends, so we can pass that knowledge onto you.