How Your Healthcare Business Can Benefit From Digital Signage In 2019


The healthcare industry can often be tight on money for marketing – it’s understanding when the majority of your budget will go into the patients’ care or supplying your pharmacy with the right medications and equipment.

However, outdated can often mean less effective and attractive to many people, which could put them off using your services, whether you’re a dentist, pharmacist, or physio. Keeping up with new and emerging technologies can be difficult, but often an essential factor in the smooth running of your practice of healthcare centre.

Digital signage is an incredibly simple, but effective method of portraying information clearly to your patrons and can come in many forms. These include:

  • Digital information boards i.e. when someone is called in for their appointment
  • Touch screens for check ins or information
  • Video screens
  • Wayfinding signage

But how can your healthcare business benefit from these types of digital signage in 2019 and why should you be utilising them?

Decreases check in times

Patients who are confident enough to use a touch screen check in system allow for the receptionist to take more calls, speak to less able patients, as well as ensure waiting times for check ins are kept to a minimum.

Reduces anxiety in patients

Often, when waiting for an appointment, your patients may be anxious or concerned about when they’ll be checked in and what time their appointment is. Having digital information signage, videos, and digital screens, will provide them with the opportunity to calm down, take information in, and answer their questions.

Share information easily

Whether that’s with patients, customers, or staff members, digital signage in your healthcare business will provide you with easier access to information, ensuring everyone is aware of important notices. This also tends to be a much more accessibly way of getting information across.

Cost effective

Digital signage and video production are a lot more cost effective than traditional informative signage or wayfinding signage. This is because traditional signage tends to have a life limit and needs updating often. Digital or video signage can be updated regularly and screens rarely need much maintenance. Printing is also a thing of the past with digital signage. You can update your software to showcase your newest medical equipment or promote free complementary therapy sessions or update your patients and staff on the next training days – the possibilities are endless.

Marketing and promotion

Digital signage can easily help you promote your healthcare services or new products. This can ensure you’re keeping your customers and patients up to date, as well as increasing your revenue stream.

Alert system

You can program digital signage to work as a warning system to patients, ensuring that they have time to evacuate the building, if necessary. This is a much more effective method than simply sounding an alarm, as it is accessible and people are more likely to respond to it.

If you require digital signage for your healthcare centre or shop, contact Scanlite today to see our range of products and case studies within your industry.