Whether you’re online, in store, or catalogue, there’s plenty you can be doing to get yourself ready for Christmas – yes, we know it’s only October, but with A/W19 fashion hitting shop floors, and Halloween breathing down your neck, the bells will start jingling before you know it. Preparation is key, so getting your marketing in place before the big day comes around is vital.

Don’t forget, it’s not just Christmas that you need to focus on, but the likes of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the New Year sales. Getting your store equipped with great digital signage, as well as converting that messaging across social media is essential for keeping customers engaged and excited to shop. So how do you do it?

Get the very best in window displays!

Whether you hire a window dresser or try your hand at it yourself, your window displays are what entice the shoppers in – regardless of what they think they’re out to buy. Whatever message you’re putting out across your website and social media channels, your store front can replicate, with better effects and a stronger lasting image.

Think huge LED 3D lettering or colourful creations that draw the eye in. If you’re lacking in the creative department, get someone to come up with a great idea for you! We’re pretty good at doing that at Scanlite…

Remember, it doesn’t always have to be Christmas related, especially not in the traditional sense. Forget Christmas trees and fairy lights and think outside of the box. Not only will this get the footfall you’re after into your stores, but will also generate that exposure across social media, from people taking pictures and tagging your brand to even creating a campaign hashtag, offering an engagement incentive.

Reflect everything in store, online

There’s no escaping the fact that whatever you do in store has to be replicated online. If your website doesn’t match your window campaigns, customers will lose focus and become confused, as well as being less invested in your brand. Ensure everything matches up, from social media headers, to campaign hashtags, even to email signatures. Consistency is key.

Think about how the likes of John Lewis, M&S, and even McDonalds all carry their Christmas messaging throughout all of their marketing collateral. The hype around Christmas television adverts is huge, but these big brands know that if they forget a particular channel, customers and potential customers will be less engagement and less likely to buy.

Invest in wayfinding signage

There’s nothing worse than having frustrated customers at Christmas time, as well as having tight staff numbers. If your store has effective and eye catching wayfinding signage, your more likely to relieve your staff of the stress of pointing customers in the right direction, instead of adding more stock and serving customers.

LED signage and digital signage is a great way to effectively get your message across in store, providing customers with helpful guidance, as well as reinforcing your Christmas marketing campaign.

Encourage feedback from customers

Whether you’re just online or just in store, or both, feedback is essential. Negative feedback gives you all the room you need for improvement, and positive feedback can be used to reward your hard working staff. Ask for this when customers are leaving your store or about to leave your website. Christmas is a great time to do this, as it’s your busiest period and shows how well your staff can cope under pressure.

If you need any help with your Christmas signage ideas, contact Scanlite today for more information.