Gift Horse

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on 9th March 2015

Gift Horse

LED display boards: the power to impress

From an iconic marble statue of a heavily pregnant disabled artist to the more recent giant blue cockerel, London’s Fourth Plinth art project has always provided a controversial modern twist to the traditional landmarks around London’s Trafalgar Square.
“Gift Horse,” which took up residence in the Square’s northwest corner Thursday, looks set to continue the tradition with a work that explores the link between power, money and history, according to organizers.

Scanlite were selected to manufacture a bespoke ribbon digital display to show live ticker information of the London Stock Exchange which sits around one of its front legs.



LED digital displays that help you connect

LED digital screens have always been a hugely powerful and effective way to connect with your audience.
Paula cooper galley & Hans Haacke commissioned Scanlite on this exciting project.
LED display boards have the power to involve, impress and connect with your customers like no other media.

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