The Power of Digital Shelf Signage in Supermarkets

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We believe that software integration and multichannel transformation of the retail industry is not just a futuristic trend anymore but a necessary next step in the right direction. Local industries can’t ignore the adding pressure of e-commerce and many industrial entrepreneurs are realising the desperate need to up their game and invest in digital real-time solutions such as digital shelf signage for their stores. 

The Power of Digital Shelf Signage in Supermarkets

Supermarkets aren’t always utilising every edge at their disposal when it comes to selling to their customers. Consider the shelf edge and the power it has to persuade the customer. A large percent of all shopping decisions happen at the shelf edge, which encourages the store owner to consider shelf-edge technology to set up new strategies to reach their vast number of consumers.

Digital shelf signage can help retailers:

  • Deliver dynamic price and promotional changes in every store instantly
  • React to competitor or market changes maintaining a competitive advantage
  • Save significant labour costs associated with shelf edge labels
  • Build an omnichannel experience to enhance customer loyalty
  • The initial step towards a paperless industry

How Digital Shelf Signage in Supermarkets Can Help Boost Sales

Digital shelf signage for supermarkets can engage the customer by giving them new ideas for using certain products in recipes, giving them information on nutrition and health tips or allergens and providing consumers information that they may not know about products that they are considering purchasing. By giving the consumer vital information, it can help convince them to not only make the purchase, but they should purchase other products that will enhance the product they are already buying – Up selling!

When it comes to shelf-edge technology, it’s important to have your digital signage located in high-traffic areas where your audience will see the advertisement. When the customer sees the digital signage, it has to be engaging so that the customer will feel valued and want to purchase from your supermarket, rather than go elsewhere.


Keeping The Customer Engaged

Most store managers would like to directly engage their customers to further personalise their experience. Digital signage in strategic areas allow personalised messages that help the retailer be in multiple places at once and still provide a rewarding experience for the customer. Customers can learn more about different products and even get tips to prepare certain types of foods that they may be considering purchasing. Furthermore, supermarkets can use their digital signage to alert the customer on how long they must queue for and whether there is another till point open to finalise their shop.

Soon, when you walk by a shelf filled with produce, it may have electronic labels, personalised advertisements, RFID technology and IoT sensors. As we approach 2020, ‘smart shelves’ with digital signage will be coming to more and more supermarkets as retailers attempt to replace all paper labels with advanced technology.

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