• Amber LED counter display mounted on the side of a quit smoking trailer.
  • Countdown display with yellow 7-segment LEDs, mounted outside a shop
  • Countdown display marking the countdown to a rocket launch



It’s one thing to tell the world about your product, event or service, but it is quite another thing to create a message sufficiently urgent to make people act. Scanlite counter displays do just that. They are the highly visible ticking clock that lets you tell your customers, visitors or staff how long they have before time runs out. This can be a powerful drive to action and Scanlite can ensure that you get your message across.

Use Scanlite counter displays to:

  • Count down to your event or product launch
  • Count the visitors attending your event of exhibition
  • Count completed tasks or products on the factory shop floor
  • Count the number of hours since you last missed one of your key performance measures
  • Count time passed since a shop floor accident or health and safety issue
  • Count down to the completion of a project

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