• Electronic factory safety message sign mounted outside a factory
  • LED Lost time accident display outside a factory



Scanlite’s electronic factory led displays help you keep your message current, your people informed and your legal obligations met. These displays can show safety information, productivity information, important messages for clients and visitors, and much more. Keep your staff and customers appraised and informed, reinforce safety messages, or motivate with targets and productivity information.

Use our led factory displays to:

  • Communicate essential health and safety information to keep your people safe, reduce downtime and improve productivity
  • Relay real time production data – so your production teams can manage resources more effectively and meet their targets
  • Influence and motivate

Inform your people – and show you’re meeting your legal obligations and quality measures

    • Factory LED Display showing safety information
    • Factory LED information Display
    • LED Display important information
    • Factory LED Display showing safety message and time and temperature
    • Factory LED Display showing target and productivity data
    • LED Factory safety Display

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