• LED wall panel mounted in an office reception
  • Freestanding electronic display board for use as digital street furniture or office information display
  • Large led display in an freestanding metal case placed in an office



Time is precious. With a million messages competing for our attention every day, finding space and the time for your message to make an impact is imperative. That’s where platinum comes in. The striking design and stunning imagery of Scanlite’s platinum range turns your digital displays into a powerful, active member of your communication team. Our platinum LCD displays uses the latest industrial LCD screens to deliver endlessly versatile, high definition messages for your staff and customers. And, since each digital reception display can be wall or ceiling mounted, free standing, or even mobile, there’s no limit to where your digital signs and screens can be put to work.

More on our platinum display range:

  • All digital reception displays can be mounted on custom made frames in your choice of design and colour – so your screens complement and incorporate your design and branding
  • Screen sizes range from 6 inches to 65 inches so there’s no limit to where your message can make an impact
  • Larger bespoke screens for even greater impact are available
  • Use lcd touch screen technology to interact with your people, get them involved and enhance your marketing campaign or presentation
  • Mains or battery operation

Re-programmable – giving you the capacity to revise and refresh your message whenever you need

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