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Shelf-edge influence

We believe that software integration and multichannel transformation of the retail industry is not just a futuristic trend but a necessary next step. Local industries can’t ignore the adding pressure of e-commerce and many industrial entrepreneurs are realising the need for digital real-time solutions in storage, transportation and organisation.



Digital shelf signage can help retailers manage one of the most challenging operations in retail – maintaining price and promotional accuracy. More and more retailers are using electronic shelf labels in stores and realising significant returns for them and their customers on their initial investment.

Digital shelf signage can help retailers:

  • Deliver dynamic price and promotional changes in every store instantly
  • React to competitor or market changes maintaining a competitive advantage
  • Save significant labour costs associated with shelf edge labels
  • Build an omnichannel experience to enhance customer loyalty

The initial step towards a paperless industry

Here’s the thing: Digital Shelf Signage does require an initial investment. And if you’re unsure about whether you will use them, it’s understandable why you might be skeptical of moving forward with the technology. But with the shelf edge being the last — and most powerful — point of influence on a sale, the ability to control what a consumer sees at the push of a button is priceless. And the process of installing and configuring the labels isn’t as hard as you think:

  • Minimal construction and installation: Electronic shelf labels are easy to install and can be set up with a simple screwdriver. They’re also easy to configure using the provided software
  • High security with low maintenance: They operate on an unused WiFi network for maximum security from interference at low maintenance for retailers
  • Easy to use: Most digital shelf signage software is easy to use and learn. Just drag and drop the information you’d like to display and you’re done!

After installation, your employees no longer need to monitor the price tags each day. The centralized system makes it easy for one person to control all pricing changes on the shop floor.

Factories and Warehouses

Digital shelf signage automates and simplifies daily tasks which results in cost and downtime reduction in comparison to paper based applications. The advantages of switching to digital are, for example, fast updates, which provide more flexibility without additional material consumption. Processes can be quickly automated and optimised.

Electronic labelling for:

  • Buck sheets
  • Warehouse management
  • Organisation
  • Optimisation of current processes with up-to-date information
  • Workflows
  • Health and safety
  • Action buttons
  • Sending alerts
  • Initialise automated processes on demand
  • Increasing internal efficiency

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