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Scanlite Visual Communications Specialise in LED Graphic & Video Display Screen Manufacture


A generation of LED and LCD sign experience

No matter what the scale and scope of your project, our approach remains the same. At Scanlite Visual Communications, we aim to provide the very best in LED display sign technology in a way that meets your needs and budget.

We'll help you choose the right LED signs for your organisation and purpose, that could mean hiring a LED display sign for a single project. It could mean buying a relatively simple multi-line display. Or it could involve a custom-made, bespoke LED sign that uses the latest technology to dazzle your audience.

Whichever you need, you'll benefit from Scanlite's 30 years of experience. We're still family run and owned, and that family ethos has influenced every one of our 40,000+ installations. It also influences the way we treat and train our people, and the way we work with our clients.

About Our Products

Scanlite LED displays - the bigger picture

There are countless Scanlite LED and LCD display signs working hard for businesses across the UK. They're showing opening times, cashier availability, contact numbers and a million other useful pieces of information that inform and assist. They make life easier. They save businesses time and money.

At the other extreme are the Scanlite LED display boards that bring stunning clarity to stadia screens across Europe. They enhance brand recognition on hoardings, towers and consoles across the world. They greet you in airports, at events and in stores and stations everywhere.

All our LED signs and displays are created from components carefully selected and tested to ensure they meet our robust quality standards. And everything can be installed and maintained by our own technicians, so you receive LED displays of the highest quality - that stay looking their best.

Show the world - with LED display boards designed, created and installed by Scanlite.

Scanlite. Leaders in LED display signs, screens & boards.

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